Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Slight techno Rant!

Well after feeling rather proud (some would say smug!) of myself for single handedly setting up my own blog without a nerdster sitting on my shoulder, I then proceeded to slip into techno induced frustration!!
Hmm, 2 mins to set it all up, 3 mins to actually write and publish my first post - and 3 hours to figure out HOW to write a new post. Oh yeah - I know I know, I've found it now. But why put it under 'sign in'? It's my bloody post I didn't think I HAD to sign in. I thought I was IN already.
So after clicking on 'Next Blog' (which sounds like 'Write a new blog' to me) I found myself randomly in someone elses blog who seemed to be tryng to grow his potted plants using some over intricate piping system. Hey idiot! Use a watering can like everybody else.
Then I went to all the other buttons, words, clicky things I could find and found nothing to help me make a new post. Grrr!
How about a button that says 'Write a New Post' - that appears whatever page you happen to be on. Or maybe even a drop down bar that teaches you how to do the rudimentary blog type things???
Mind you this was all done using my iPhone which didn't help - bloody thing is so slow! That's a subject for another blog.
Anyway, I feel a lot calmer now.
Rant over and out!

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  1. lol! on the positive side at least you didnt try to use your mac! would have taken even longer :) anyway you made me laugh so wehay! it worked!

  2. Lol dad this made me laugh out loud literally!! By the way in case you didnt know.."AnarchicMeat" (the person the commented above me) is David =D xx