Monday, 1 March 2010

I bet you can't believe it!!

Oh yes! The technophobe has gone online - all by his-self (ok ok, with a little help from googleblog or whatever it's called!)
So, to the Mission Statement: I will endeavour to share, inform, amuse, entertain, rant (a little!), hopefully inspire on occasion and generally offer my opinion for what it's worth on anything and everything.

I hope if you tag onto this somehow you enjoy and please, be patient with me - for those that know me, you'll appreciate what I've been through to get this far!! ;-)

Ok, now what do I do? Publish post - that looks like the right button, here goes...

Be Inspired


  1. Woo! I just joined google so i can keep up with your awesomeist technical blogs lol! Inspire me dammit! lol ^_^ you're great!

  2. Just picked myself up off the floor (not a pretty sight at the best of times!) and can't wait for the next exciting instalment.

  3. BTW - does it make you feel God-like to have followers?

  4. Tell me about the consciousness at the end of the Universe.

  5. Well done hon! No beards....

  6. wow! you are delving into the world of technology with your e-mac?! good luck!

    in all seriousness... inspire me now! i'm waiting!