Thursday, 11 March 2010

Poor Hannah! :-/

Hi there,
Poor Hannah was visiting us on Tues and went back up to Uni on Wed morning. I say poor Hannah because she's been having a few issues with her car - her 'first' car. We all know what that's like right? A right of passage in some ways to have a complete mare with your first car - makes you appreciate it when you get a good one.
Anyways, as she was pulling away from the house I noticed she had a flat front tyre! We got her pulled over round the corner and put the spare on (which looked underpressure somewhat) then went to the tyre place around the corner, this is at about 20 to 5.
They check the tyre (making sure I've put it on properly!) and give it a little air to pump it up to pressure and notice that one of her rear tyres is on the borderline. Uh oh! Yep - she has to get a new rear tyre and put that one in the boot as the 'new' spare for the time being.
Alas, halfway up the motorway the original spare goes flat and she has to call 'international rescue' or whatever they're called to come change it over with the dodgy spare just to get her home. Doh! She still has to take the car in to the shop to get the original 'not starting' problem sorted. Bloody money pit!! Poor Hannah!

Having said that - here's the thing, and this might be a little floopy for some of you (Karen!). But, Buddhism states that all suffering is caused by desire, most desires are out of our reach I suppose so we suffer trying to satisfy them. However, maybe the suffering doesn't come from the desire but rather NOT desiring - as in NOT desiring that which IS right now. If we just learned to desire or at least accept what IS without judging it, maybe we could relinquish the suffering. Hannah wants a decent car, but because the car she has is giving her challenges she doesn't 'desire' IT. If only her reaction to it was 'Oh well, it is what it is.' maybe her suffering for a better car would subside - at least a little. (Easier said than done!!)

That's me little thought for the day.

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  1. Yes poor me lol, you missed the part of then having been on the road for 5 hours and having work at 8.45....i managed to get home at 8.40 which gave me 5 minutes to get in, unpacked, changed not to mention dinner! So my dinner consisted of a toblerone at 3.30am when i finished work. Not the best of days really. Ho hum...'it is what it is' =P xx

  2. Hannah says she had a Toblerone for dinner - it wasn't all bad then! x

  3. true. that toblerone was good.