Friday, 5 March 2010

Impatient? Me?

Hi there,
Just a quick ponder about why I find myself getting so agitated with technology.
The computer, the iPhone, online telephone answering systems (I think you're all there with me on that one!).
Then I wondered if it had anything to do with my age. Hmm?
Not that my generation are techno illiterate but rather what were we used to growing up?

Think about it - technology for us was instant. You switched a light on and wehey instant light.
You changed the channel on the TV and oh my god it just changed, straight away, no delay.
You turned the radio on and instantly reached to turn the volume down cos you forgot how loud you had it on yesterday, music blaring out - instantly!

But with modern technology it's wait for this and wait for that. Send an email - wait 4-5 seconds before you can do anything else, use the map app on the iPhone - and you'll arrive at your destination before the blue dot on the screen has passed the high street at the end of your road!!

I guess technology is just so complex these days that the processing power just can't keep up. Ho hum.
Better get on - this computer won't throw itself out the window.

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