Sunday, 14 March 2010

Who is the Core You? (E+I = L)

Hello there,
Hmm! What's this? Core You?
What's Stu been drinking now? More floopy rubbish coming up no doubt!!

Well, some of you might know I've been looking into the whole Internet Online based business idea for quite a while now. Well part of that ongoing research (3-4 years worth - not like me to procrastinate eh?) is keeping up to date with the movers and shakers in the Internet Marketing industry. I'm on about ten thousand newsletter lists and get a gazillion emails a day with one offer or another. Anyway, I have ended up following some of the big names and learnt a whole lot of offline stuff along the way.
What's that got to do with the Core You I hear you urging me to get to the point - well, one of those guys is Frank Kern.
He has an unusual style of delivery, which to be honest I find intriguing, enlightening and down right funny.

So, I got a video presentation from him yesterday and watched all 2 hours of it this morning - yep Sundays are for kicking back and chilling out - in front of the computer!! Hmm, bare with me.
Although the presentation is footage of Frank at an Internet Marketing conference a couple of years ago, the content is totally relevant to everyone, everywhere. In it he outlines an exercise in which you can find more clarity about your Core (true) self.

The idea is you write down a whole bunch of stuff about your dreams and goals - new house, better job, more money, neat car, perfect partner etc. When you're finished you'll find most of those things reflect the Surface (shell) You. He explains that what we most desire is ongoing 'experience'. Seems obvious, and it is - but sometimes we need to be reminded cos we get so wrapped up in our day to day lives that we forget.

Now to get to the Core You go to step 2.
This time, consider your 'Perfect Day'. Imagine it without limitations and without consequences. Write it in as much detail as you possibly can - take some time over it. Start with what would you be thinking about when you wake? What time is it? What's the weather like? What's the view from your bedroom window, who's with you? What do you have for breakfast, and if there's someone with you, what do you talk about over breakfast? Etc. etc. all the way through to your last thought as you lay in the dark about to go to sleep. imagine you might have to relive this day over and over like Bill Murray in Groundhog day - what would it have to be like for you to be ok with it being like that 'every' day.
When you get to the end of that exercise, read it back, feel like you're actually remembering it from yesterday - how do you feel? Now you should be getting an idea about what the Core You really wants.

I'm going to do this exercise and I'm going to blog it here for anyone that's interested. I'd love it if some of you would comment and let me read Your Perfect Day (if it's not too personal).

For those interested in watching Frank's presentation, I strongly urge you to by the way, here is the link:

Don't worry about the bit at the foot saying refer 10 friends to get part 2 - I haven't done that, you won't be getting spammed by a hundred Internet gurus or anything like that.

For now...

Be Inspired

PS: If you're wondering about the E+I = L, it stands for Experience + Identity = Life

Friday, 12 March 2010

Free Energy Follow Up...

Just a quick update on the Free Energy blog posted some days ago. My MP Andrew Mackay has had a letter back from Dan Norris MP (Rural Affairs and Environment Minister) explaining that it's up to local authorities to determine their own waste management strategies. The letter didn't explain whether there was any advice given by central govt. regarding the choices local govt. can look at or even if Mr Norris himself was even aware of this particular process.
I have replied raising these queries and will blog any further replies I get. I'd attach the letter here if I knew how so if anybody actually wants to see it - let me know and I'll email it to you.

Thanks for all the comments - they are greatly appreciated, hate to think I'm just waffling on to myself here. :)

For now...

Be Inspired

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Poor Hannah! :-/

Hi there,
Poor Hannah was visiting us on Tues and went back up to Uni on Wed morning. I say poor Hannah because she's been having a few issues with her car - her 'first' car. We all know what that's like right? A right of passage in some ways to have a complete mare with your first car - makes you appreciate it when you get a good one.
Anyways, as she was pulling away from the house I noticed she had a flat front tyre! We got her pulled over round the corner and put the spare on (which looked underpressure somewhat) then went to the tyre place around the corner, this is at about 20 to 5.
They check the tyre (making sure I've put it on properly!) and give it a little air to pump it up to pressure and notice that one of her rear tyres is on the borderline. Uh oh! Yep - she has to get a new rear tyre and put that one in the boot as the 'new' spare for the time being.
Alas, halfway up the motorway the original spare goes flat and she has to call 'international rescue' or whatever they're called to come change it over with the dodgy spare just to get her home. Doh! She still has to take the car in to the shop to get the original 'not starting' problem sorted. Bloody money pit!! Poor Hannah!

Having said that - here's the thing, and this might be a little floopy for some of you (Karen!). But, Buddhism states that all suffering is caused by desire, most desires are out of our reach I suppose so we suffer trying to satisfy them. However, maybe the suffering doesn't come from the desire but rather NOT desiring - as in NOT desiring that which IS right now. If we just learned to desire or at least accept what IS without judging it, maybe we could relinquish the suffering. Hannah wants a decent car, but because the car she has is giving her challenges she doesn't 'desire' IT. If only her reaction to it was 'Oh well, it is what it is.' maybe her suffering for a better car would subside - at least a little. (Easier said than done!!)

That's me little thought for the day.

Be Inspired

Sunday, 7 March 2010

How Great are You?

So a very quick blog today, I got sent this link to watch a 3mins inspirational video by Tony Robbins.
If you like his sort of stuff you'll love it, if you've never heard of him - treat yourself, and if you don't like him don't watch it (although, for the girls there's good footage of Brad Pitt!!).
That's it - go here:

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Friday, 5 March 2010

Impatient? Me?

Hi there,
Just a quick ponder about why I find myself getting so agitated with technology.
The computer, the iPhone, online telephone answering systems (I think you're all there with me on that one!).
Then I wondered if it had anything to do with my age. Hmm?
Not that my generation are techno illiterate but rather what were we used to growing up?

Think about it - technology for us was instant. You switched a light on and wehey instant light.
You changed the channel on the TV and oh my god it just changed, straight away, no delay.
You turned the radio on and instantly reached to turn the volume down cos you forgot how loud you had it on yesterday, music blaring out - instantly!

But with modern technology it's wait for this and wait for that. Send an email - wait 4-5 seconds before you can do anything else, use the map app on the iPhone - and you'll arrive at your destination before the blue dot on the screen has passed the high street at the end of your road!!

I guess technology is just so complex these days that the processing power just can't keep up. Ho hum.
Better get on - this computer won't throw itself out the window.

Be Inspired

Thursday, 4 March 2010

FREE Energy?

FREE Energy? Now there's a question. Solar power, wind power, wave power, methane extraction from landfill, cold fusion.
All of them have their place and some certainly seem cleaner than others and definately cleaner than what we have at present.
So this caught my eye a few weeks ago, sufficiently so that, oh yes, I wrote to my MP about it. :)

This was my letter:
Dear Mr Mackay,

The link below is for a news item in the states showing a company that is refining landfill type waste and subjecting it to heat, water, and pressure and getting Diesel quality oil out the other end.

The highly flammable gas produced in the process is used to power the factory.
The water used is recycled and used on the next batch of waste.

This has fantastic ramifications on the hundred or so sq. miles of landfill we have in this country.

Can you tell me if we have plans for this type of technology here in the UK as I've not heard of any.

Kind regards

Stuart Young

Here is the link:

Lo and behold he wrote back:

"Dear Mr Young

Thank you for Friday evening's email which I read with interest. As you say this does seem a fantastic idea and I will take it up with the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.

I will keep you informed of developments.

With best wishes

Andrew Mackay MP"

So go and take a look at the video clip of what this guy is doing in America and if you think it sounds like a good idea, not the best idea maybe cos it still means burning stuff, but still a better idea than our present 'dig it up and burn it' method we employ right now - write to your own MP.

That's it for today

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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Why are you upset?

Morning, today's blog takes a more serious note simply because I woke up thinking about an email newsletter I used to get from a couple of relationship coaches Paul & Layne Cutright. Oh yes, when I was wandering in the wilderness I did a bit of soul searching - as you do! Anyway, these guys (American - obviously!) really seemed to have their heads screwed on right, and the one thing that has always stuck with me is their little gem "You're never upset for the reason you think you are."

Think about that for a moment, in any given situation where you feel stressed or emotional or angry etc. Stop! And just hypothesise for a moment, just as an experiment, and say to yourself "I'm not [stressed, upset, angry] because of this. That will then lead you on to consider what you might actually be stressed, upset or angry about. I know it sounds all floopy and new age 'hey, just get in touch with your inner self' etc. but give it a go and see. You might be surprised.

If you want to read more about Layne & Paul go to:

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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Slight techno Rant!

Well after feeling rather proud (some would say smug!) of myself for single handedly setting up my own blog without a nerdster sitting on my shoulder, I then proceeded to slip into techno induced frustration!!
Hmm, 2 mins to set it all up, 3 mins to actually write and publish my first post - and 3 hours to figure out HOW to write a new post. Oh yeah - I know I know, I've found it now. But why put it under 'sign in'? It's my bloody post I didn't think I HAD to sign in. I thought I was IN already.
So after clicking on 'Next Blog' (which sounds like 'Write a new blog' to me) I found myself randomly in someone elses blog who seemed to be tryng to grow his potted plants using some over intricate piping system. Hey idiot! Use a watering can like everybody else.
Then I went to all the other buttons, words, clicky things I could find and found nothing to help me make a new post. Grrr!
How about a button that says 'Write a New Post' - that appears whatever page you happen to be on. Or maybe even a drop down bar that teaches you how to do the rudimentary blog type things???
Mind you this was all done using my iPhone which didn't help - bloody thing is so slow! That's a subject for another blog.
Anyway, I feel a lot calmer now.
Rant over and out!

Be Inspired

Monday, 1 March 2010

I bet you can't believe it!!

Oh yes! The technophobe has gone online - all by his-self (ok ok, with a little help from googleblog or whatever it's called!)
So, to the Mission Statement: I will endeavour to share, inform, amuse, entertain, rant (a little!), hopefully inspire on occasion and generally offer my opinion for what it's worth on anything and everything.

I hope if you tag onto this somehow you enjoy and please, be patient with me - for those that know me, you'll appreciate what I've been through to get this far!! ;-)

Ok, now what do I do? Publish post - that looks like the right button, here goes...

Be Inspired