Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Is a Life Ever Wasted?


I was daydreaming yesterday and found my mind drifting to thoughts of people I know who don't seem to be doing much with their lives. My immediate judgemental thought was that they were wasting their life away. On closer inspection it dawned on me that no matter how little they did, no matter how small their impact on lives around them they still had an affect. It made me consider whether anyone anywhere has ever truly wasted their life.
We can't possibly understand or measure the influence our actions have on another in fact even our inaction. Therefore, I imagine that every life affects other lives and therefore has meaning and value.

What about bad people? What about terrible people? Haven't they wasted the gift of life by making others miserable or worse - dead? Again, if you look a little closer you find that the worst of people in history have enabled those that observe their behaviour to learn, to unify, to try to understand and find meaning.

Next time you find yourself feeling that you don't matter, or that you're not doing or achieving as much as you should remember - you are having an influence on people around you, you are having an influence on people who have never met you but may have only heard about you. All you can really do is try and make that a positive influence rather than a negative one. Consider how you might positively affect all those that know or know of you.

That's got to be a good start right?

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