Friday, 14 January 2011

Creating Good Habits


We're still in the 'Resolution' season so I thought I'd do a quick post about good habit creation.
Basically if you don't make your resolution a goal you will set yourself up to fail - the reason being with a resolution your aim is usually to start something 'good' or stop something 'bad'. The day you're not able to continue fulfilling this resolution (and it's going to happen) is the day you quit because you feel like you just failed.

So, here's a tip to creating good habits that move you towards your goal no matter how many times you are unable to fulfill it completely.

The rule of 21 and 4!

21 days of doing something (or not doing something - like smoking) is the first stage of creating a habit. After the first 21 days the habit will become embedded and you will find it easier and easier to keep up with it. 4 months in to the habit and you will have a fully embedded habit that is actually harder to stop than it is to continue.

This short video explains it a little better:

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