Friday, 21 January 2011

Can you really affect your own health with your mind?


If you've ever wondered about the Law of Attraction and all the floopiness that surrounds the teaching of it. If you've ever thought to yourself what a crock! Then watch this explanation of the cutting edge theories about how our minds control our genes rather than the other way around.

Sounds to me like we really can take control. Sounds to me that those people that want to continue saying 'Well it's just the way I am." are going to have to start to take some responsibility for their circumstances. Most people still won't. Most people like the comfort of feeling it's all out of their control - it's happening 'to' them rather than 'through' them.

I prefer to explore the idea that I am creating my life and what's happening in it - whether it's externally or internally.

What about you?

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PS: Thanks Julieanne for the blog that led me to this video:

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  1. You're welcome :) Then I have to say thank you to the Theosophical Society who directed me to it through their newsletter ;)

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  2. Thanks Julieanne, I'll look them up. :)