Sunday, 23 January 2011

Find your creativity, find your joy!


Em and I were talking last night whilst we walked our dogs about being creative. We debated what it meant to be creative. I was arguing that in order to be truly happy one must be creating. Even the simple single celled organisms live only to re-create. Our deepest desire is to re-create by pro-creating. It's the most natural thing in the system we know as life. Everything that is alive is trying to re-create.
So, maybe if we find ourselves stuck in a job or in a life that isn't in a process of creating we become depressed. After all - this is our purpose. As living entities we are driven to create. Em's point was that simply by tidying her desk she is creating - she's creating a calm space in which to work which might then lead on to more creative thought processes. We debated this point for a while until I conceded that she was right. (It often happens that way!)
So, my point today is we just need to turn our attention to what we are already doing and find the creativity in it. Whether you're an accountant tapping a calculator all day (creating order out of chaos) or if you are a road digger (creating the opportunity for something to be installed or fixed) or a dog walker (creating time to think - for yourself and undoubtedly for the dog owners too), we are all creating in some way, shape or form.
If you feel you are in a bit of a rut at the moment find your creativity - it will reconnect you to your purpose, it may even become your purpose.

Good luck!

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