Friday, 17 December 2010

Forgiveness - a Christmas Gift to Yourself


I was made aware of this beautiful video via and it reminded me that most of the world's troubles could be erased if we could just find the courage to forgive. Not only those that have harmed us, insulted us, rejected us, disappointed us, or hurt us in any other way but also ourselves.

When we let go of the hurt feelings towards ourselves or someone else a huge weight will be lifted from our shoulders. The burden of resentment can cripple us emotionally but also on a physical level. Think about the tension we hold when we allow resentment and anger, mistrust etc. to reside inside of us. Let it go. Give yourself a new future to live into. Give yourself the gift of feeling lighter, happier and calmer. Holding on will not help you or anyone else.

Let's all give ourselves the gift of forgiving this Christmas and start 2011 afresh.

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  3. Hi C,
    In my experience the way to forgivness is to first figure out what you gain. What you gain from not forgiving versus what you can gain from forgiving. This is quite confusing to a lot of people as there are so many circumstances in which we can become ‘hurt’ that it seems crazy to think of ourselves gaining anything from it.
    Actually if you look real hard you will always find something is being gained, whether it’s the need to feel angry so as to keep guilt or grief at bay, or maybe the deep desire to be ‘right’ about some occurance that you can’t relinquish your position.
    Look and you will find it, sometimes it’s buried deep other times it’s disguised as something else. But search for the ‘gain’ and you are sure to find it.
    Once identified it becomes so much easier to realise how forgiveness can actually reduce your pain so considerably that it becomes the obvious choice.
    Good luck

  4. Nice blog very interesting to see what you have been up to stu!

  5. Thanks Sam, glad you've enjoyed browsing.