Friday, 4 March 2011

How to LIVE


Watch this amazing video below then read the blog underneath - I have a question for you...

Amazing huh!

How many of the people in the video above are just lucky to be alive?

Quite a few.

Do you think that some of them went home that night and thought 'Wow! I'm lucky to be alive.
I've got a chance to start over. I should be dead right now. But I've got another chance.'

Now imagine it was you in one of those situations. Imagine that you weren't so lucky. Imagine that actually you were killed - I know, I know, it's a morbid thought but stay with me for a minute.
You die and float upwards looking at the scene of your death. After a moment of shock an arm slips around your shoulder, an angel is beside you and says:
'Would you like another chance?'
'Yes I would.' You reply. 'Can you do that for me?'
'I can on one condition.' The angel answers.
'Anything, what is it?'
'You have to ask yourself what it is you want to go back for - what do you want from your life?'
Of course at this point you'll probably think about just seeing your loved ones again etc. But the angel can read your mind and says:
'No, I want to know what you want to DO with your life, who you want to BE - why should you get a second chance?'
At this point you might review all those dreams and goals you had when you were younger, you might realise that you're not achieving them, you're not being the person you dreamed you would be. Then you may be able to convince the angel that if you had another chance you'd go for it, you'd stop worrying about this or that and you'd just go for it. No more mediocre, no more standing on the sidelines watching others fulfill their potential. You'd realise there was nothing to lose because right now you were dead and couldn't do anything at all. With a second chance at life you may as well just live your dream or die having tried your hardest.

So here's the question:
Why wait? Why wait to have a second chance?
Why not live the life of your dreams right now - today and every day. Tomorrow could be your last.
What would you say to the angel in order to get a second chance?

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  1. I'm lucky to be alive ... I'm so clumsy and ditsy sometimes it's unreal. I agree with the topic here, we should grab second chances, in fact any chances, with both hands because (maudlin as it sounds) you never know.... Lovely post.

  2. Thankyou so much Miss Fletcher - we must make the time to consider and ponder our life on a regular basis otherwise we slip back into comfort! :)

  3. Really puts things in perspective. Fights become petty, worries become irrelevant, and complacency becomes adverse. If this video can shine a temporary light on that perspective, and I think that's a pretty damn good outlook, then why not make that your life. It's short, why waste time then living in anything but fulfillment.

    Great inspiration Stu!