Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Power of Thanks


This is the simplest thing in the world to do - and sometimes the hardest.

We all have occasions where saying thanks to someone really sticks in our side. Sometimes we might even decide not to say it at all. But saying thanks under those conditions can really make a difference, not only to the person you’re saying it too but to you too.
When you can say thanks, and mean it sincerely, you are on the path to building a bridge with that person. That relationship could end up growing stronger or at least more bearable.

On the easy side - saying thanks to someone who has just held the door open for you or moved aside to let you through can brighten their day. That thanks will wind its way through the day passing from one person to the next and the next.

Be the one that starts that process off and then enjoy the thought of where it might end up. You never know, your easy thanks in the morning could end up being someone else’s difficult thanks at the end of the day.

Nice thought huh?

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