Saturday, 26 March 2011

One of the most powerful things you can teach your kids.


What did we learn at school? What are our kids learning at school?

Basically as far as I can determine, they are learning to ‘follow’
established lines of thought, ‘follow’ existing strategies and
formulas, ‘follow’ what the teacher says. They’re then marked on how
well they have followed.

I remember getting into heated arguments with my daughter whilst
trying to help her with Maths homework. She was learning a new way of
doing multiplication, division etc. and I only knew the way I had
learned. I showed her how to get the correct answer using my ‘old
school’ formula but she became upset and angry because she would be
marked down if she didn’t do it the new way.

Now, learning in these ways has it’s uses of course, BUT, it doesn’t
teach how to think. How to reason. How to invent. And that’s where we
were all let down and how our kids are still being let down.

I suggest that one of the most valuable skills you can nurture in your
children is resourcefulness. A good chunk of their adult life will be
dedicated to accumulating resources, yet resources in themselves have
no intrinsic value. If you lose them or use them they’re gone! But if
you are resourceful you can replenish them indefinitely. Being
resourceful is a key skill of the successful. If you want your
children to grow up to be successful, emotionally, financially,
socially and in any other way then they will need to be resourceful.

Start today, here’s a head start just to get your own resourceful gear engaged:

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