Monday, 18 October 2010

Sterilise Drug Addicts?


Ok, so the title is a bit contentious!

I heard this debate on the radio today and I have to say I could see both points of view.
The idea came about by a woman who was taking care of 4 out of 8 children that belonged to a drug addict. The mother was basically on a rollercoaster ride to self destruction and breeding her way there at a rate of knots!

So she started a campaign to pay $200 to addicts that volunteered to be sterilised. Of course, what addict would turn down $200, so it seemed a little like a turkey shoot. Apparently there is to be a rigorous procedure in place to ensure that the volunteers are councelled before making the final decision. But where does it lead?

The counter argument is obviously, this campaign is 'telling' people 'how' to live their lives. If someone wants to go and wreck their own lives and have a horde of kids on the way they have every right to in a free society - don't they? Also, what about the possibility that the addict could turn their life around in the future and find themselves unable to have kids because of a decision they may have made in a drug haze years previous.

Hmm, not an easy one - certainly when you see the damage caused to these kids that are living with addict parents or more likely singular parent.

So, what do you think, would love to hear what you have to say.

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