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How to let your true desires manifest


Today's post comes from Noah St. John author of 'The Secret Code of Success'
I'm on his subscriber list and am actually reading the book at the moment.

He sent this email thru to me today and I just had to put it on my blog as at the bottom there are some very revealing questions to ask ourselves - the answers to which could... could lead you to think a little more clearly as to what you actually want to do in your life.

So with no further ado...

"Desire was the first seed of mind."— The Rg Veda

One of the fundamental symptoms of success anorexia is not letting your true desires manifest.

Now, if you don't let your TRUE desires manifest, that means by definition that you what you have manifested is NOT your true desires.

Why does this happen? And more importantly, how can we get out of this costly, painful trap?

To answer these questions, let's go back to the beginning...

What is a DESIRE? The word desire comes from the Latin words meaning "of the lord" or "of the father".

Every action we take has its basis in a DESIRE - what I often call your Why-To's.

But many people are uncomfortable with that. They equate desire with "sex, passion, lust, greed or envy."

We've been practically brainwashed to believe that "desire" is equal to "sin."

But what is a sin? Simply put, a sin is a desire being expressed incorrectly, by a person who mis-understands his relationship to the universe and to other people.

Take greed, for example. Greed is one of the more popular sins - if you don't believe me, turn on the news or open a newspaper. You'll see examples of human greed everywhere.

Greed is the desire to gain or get more for yourself, but expressed incorrectly. In other words, the greedy person believes that he can get ahead by taking from others without giving back.

A thief is a good example of a person expressing greed. A thief takes from others and does not give back. That's why theives are punished when caught.

However, let's look at the desire behind the sin.

The desire was to gain, to win, to get ahead. Is there anything wrong with those desires themselves?


It is the most natural, correct thing in the world for a human being to want to grow, express themselves more, to win, and get ahead (improve your station in life).

However - and this is the key - if we express that desire to get ahead by taking without giving commensurate Value back, the universe will NOT support us. (See my hilarious, and embarrassing, office supplies story in Chapter 9 of The Secret Code of Success.)

That's why a thief is considered a criminal. It is incorrect in the eyes of the man (and the eyes of the universe) to TAKE without GIVING commensurate Value in return.

Let's look at another example. Suppose you and I want to start a business. What would be the only way for our business to grow and prosper?

Exactly: to provide products or services t o others that benefit THEM and improve their lives.

Do you consider this to be the activity of a "greedy" person: working to improve the lives of other people?

Me neither.

Therefore, the first thing you have to do to let your true desires manifest is to get over the idea that your desires are "bad" in the first place!

This may be one of the most challenging things we face when overcoming success anorexia. However, when seen correctly, it is also one of the simplest things to do.

So now that you know your desires are natural and OK, what do you do next?

Simply, identify what your true desires ARE.

Do you realize that most people don't even know what they really want?

Answer these questions to begin to let your true desires manifest:

1. I'd like to learn...
2. I'd love to learn...
3. If I could learn more about anything, it would be about...
4. I've always been fascinated by...
5. I'd really like to know more about...

Then, answer these questions:

1. Who could teach me about ______?
2. Who do I know who knows something about _______?
3. Where could I learn more about _________?
4. How can I attract people who know about _________ into my life?
5. Where are these people now? What are they doing and how can I help give them more of what they want?

Next to the question, "Who could teach me about ____ ?" (something you'd really like to learn), complete this sentence:
"What can I offer them that would cause them to feel really good about teaching me what I want to learn?"

Think about it. What do most people go around doing? Most people are trying to get everyone else to listen to them, agree with them, see things from their point of view, or give them something while giving nothing in return.

It's like the people who come up to me at seminars and start telling me their life story, without any regard for the line of people behind them.

I LOVE meeting people and always get a kick out of seeing my subscribers at live events.

It's just that when someone starts going on and on, with no regard for the other people around, that I start to feel like someone is TAKING without giving back.

(Don't be that guy.)

What if you turned that around, and, instead of expecting people to want to give to you, began asking, "What Value can I bring to YOU?"

I know it's counterintuitive, but do it anyway!

If you just keep on doing it, people will one of two things: really mistrust you (because they're too cynical), in which case you don't want to have them in your life anyway; or come to like, trust, even admire and respect you.

We make life so hard on ourselves. Make it EASY on yourself by giving people what they really want.

And you will find that your TRUE desires - which are, I'll bet, to help, serve, inspire, and bless people - will begin to manifest more easily, quickly, and elegantly than you've ever let yourself imagine."


I can't duplicate Noah's writing here without at least putting a link to his website in return (no it's not an affiliate link!), so if you want to find out more about Noah and his work click here:

If you answer those questions and they're not too personal, I'd love to see your answers - leave a comment maybe.

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