Monday, 21 June 2010

Weight Problem Guinea Pig


Today's post is for those out there that might be suffering with a weight issue.
You've probably tried all sorts of diets and fitness regimes in the past but it either doesn't work or the weight simply piles back on.

Ever thought about hypnosis?

Two reasons I ask:
1. I've tried hypnosis in the past for some motivational issues and it absolutely worked 100%.
2. If you could try it risk - guaranteed, what would you have to lose (except weight!)?

So, Dr Robert Anthony renowned US hypnotherapist, best selling author etc. etc. wants 500 guinea pigs to try out his program (I'm guessing cos he wants a bunch of great testimonials afterwards), simply go to this link below and take a look, see if you're interested - if not you've only wasted 5 minutes.

If you do end up trying it, come back and leave a comment, I'd love to know how it went.

Here's the link:

for now

Be Inspired


PS: Maybe do it with a friend and compare results!

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