Wednesday, 2 June 2010

For Lou


We're all guilty of moaning and groaning from time to time
about our lot etc. etc. But I read somewhere a while back
that it's how we react to what's going on in our lives that
makes us unhappy or happy. We just have to look at things
differently - yeah I know, easier said than done.

Best thing is to have a go and see.

Neale Donald Walsch (yes, him again!) says it quite nicely:

"...that it sometimes looks like "one thing after the other,"
but really, it is Blessing After Blessing.

I know, I don't experience it that way. But
that's because you don't see it that way. In this business
of life, "What you see is what you get."

If you think you are looking at struggle, struggle is what
you will experience. If you decide that you are looking
at a gift (even if you can't see it clearing in this exact
moment), a gift is what you will get. Just wait. You'll
see. I mean that literally. You will see." - NDW

for now
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