Thursday, 17 June 2010

FREE Stuff!

So here’s the thing - I’m not gonna try and inspire you
today. I just want you to take advantage of a giveaway
on a website that’s offering over 300 products at
absolutely zero cost!!
(One of which might inspire you.)

In just a few minutes last night I downloaded several
items, one of which was a book that I’ve been meaning
to read for years now - Think and Grow Rich, by
Napoleon Hill - a classic book of self improvement,
written in the 30s and apparently responsible for helping
to make more millionaires than any other book written.

The products being ‘given’ away include:
Stop Smoking
Healthy Eating
Self Hypnosis
Losing Weight
Building Confidence
Improving Business

to name just a few.

So what’s the catch?

Each product you click to download will open another
window where they try and sell you something else.
Fair enough. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and they’ll
all have a link or button saying: “No thanks, just give me the gift.”
Click that and you’ll get an email sent to you with a download link.

Don’t worry about being on a ton of email lists because each
email has an unsubscribe button on it, so as soon as you have
the product just unsubscribe (if you want to).
To be honest a couple of the sites I want to remain on their list
for a while to see what they’re like.

So here’s the link to the site - take a browse and I hope you
find something of value there - it won’t cost you anything!!

Here’s the link:

for now

Be Inspired

PS: Almost forgot - they pull the offer on July 3rd and it’ll take
you a couple of days to look through everything and download
what you want - so if you’re interested, hurry!

PPS: If you haven't got time right now and you haven't already
- bookmark this blog to make it easier to revisit.

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