Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Do you suffer from the 'Feelback' Loop?


Huh? 'Feel'back loop - what am I talking about?

We've all heard of a feedback loop - the cause creates the effect which creates the cause which creates the effect etc. etc.
Well maybe we experience something similar through our feelings.

If you've ever studied the Law of Attraction you might have become a little frustrated that whatever you tried to manifest never actually showed up.
Much of the wisdom that came out after The Secret spoke about the 'missing' part: Action.
That's right, The Law of Attraction requires ACTION.

However, me and my other half were talking whilst walking our dogs this morning and we concluded that how we feel about something will actually have the greatest impact on whether we'll take the required action in order to manifest it.

For instance, she wants a Volvo V50 Estate. (It'd be good to put the dogs in!) But suppose every time she sees one she gets the 'feeling' that they're too much money, she doesn't need such a big car, she's showing off, - pretty soon she might start feeling: I don't need that car, I'll never afford it anyway, it's too big to drive and I prefer my small car etc. etc.
Then that leads on to: maybe there's a smaller version or cheaper version. Her feelings about the car change her desire to guilt and a sense of shame and a lack of confidence to be able to afford or even drive such a car. This then diminishes the chance of her ever taking the suitable action to GET the car as she's now convinced herself she doesn't want it.

Hey, I'm not like that - I hear some of you shout. I definitely want the thing I'm after!!

I know, I know - the thing is it could all be happening subconsciously.

So, when you have any thoughts about the goals you have set yourself be very aware of the 'feelings' you have about them. Notice any doubts. Root around in the back of you mind a bit and remember - the best tool to getting what you want is to 'act as if' you already have it. Get excited about it. Encourage a sense of achievement that you've already attained it.

Good luck

for now

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