Friday, 10 September 2010

Do you have Permission?


I was having my 3rd 'No Hands' massage the other day and the question I was asked in our chat before hand was what would I like to get from the massage? How would I like to feel? And what type of massage would I like? That's the way it works with the 'No Hands' approach - it's much more holistic!
So I answered I wanted to feel more energised, stronger and more invigorated, I mean who wouldn't right? So we decided on a split between a nourishing massage and a release massage. As I lay there and let the somewhat upbeat music engulf me, I consciously relaxed my body in to the bed. Within just a couple of minutes of trying to concentrate on my breathing (as instructed) I found myself seeing the word 'Release' over and over.
My analytical mind started working...release what, yeah, sure I've felt a little tense recently - I've got a lot going on. But it was a little more complex than that. I needed to 'release' something all together deeper. And that's when the word 'Permission' drifted through the periphery and it became a lot clearer.

How many ways do we all hold ourselves back from doing something? But also, how many ways do we keep ourselves from stopping something? And I'm not just talking about the physical acts here. I'm talking about emotional stuff. So what's the permission all about? Well, I decided at the moment that I was going to give myself permission to giveup with something I've been trying for quite a while now (a business thing). When I say giveup, I mean change direction, re-evaluate, put on the back burner etc. And I don't even mean right away, I mean, I have permission to stop doing that thing whenever I want. Guilt free! Without feeling like a failure. Today, tomorrow, in a week or a month or whenever.
And you know what? I immediately felt invigorated to have the weight off, I felt energised by the thought I didn't have to keep slogging away, I could just STOP.

Funny that.

I got just what I wanted. And now, I feel stronger going forward and today I continued with the project a bit further, but I felt a whole lot calmer about it.

What permission could you give yourself today?

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  1. Yesterday i gave myself permission to have a meal out rather than saving my money lol i still feel glad that i did it, no more guilt hehe

  2. As long as it was a cheese sandwhich - you are a student you know!! ;)