Friday, 24 September 2010

Cee Lo - do we or don't we need them?


Yeah, I know that title is a bit confusing.

I read an article yesterday about the soul singer Cee Lo Green. Apparently he has a new single coming out on Oct 4 called, controversially "F**k You!"

Go here if you want to see it:

(Contains swearing - obviously!! - but it's a catchy song!)

The fact that he's not courting conventional airplay with this song is not surprising when you consider the success he's having promoting it via the internet. YouTube alone has had 4.6m views to date (1m in the first 48hrs of release!!), not to mention the other social media platforms.

So the question is: do artists still need the big music companies to promote them anymore?

It seems yes, as Cee Lo is signed to a major label who are funding the video, web hosting, web marketing etc. I mean how much time would it take Cee Lo himself to do all that? So, even though these days it doesn't take a music contract with a major player to get your career on the go, it will need one eventually in order for you to sustain it and grow as an artist. It takes a few years of anybody's time to get the kind of following Radiohead have.

This got me thinking - we think the music giants aren't needed, only to find they are required just in a different way than before. How many other areas of our lives are similar? Parents spring to mind. As teenagers and young adults we think we know it all, our parents are old style and out of touch right? But move on just a few years and experience shows us that our parents are just as valuable to us as they ever were - just in a different way.

I'm sure there are many other ways to adopt that formula in our thinking. Religion for instance, now I'm not a fan of religion per se but, what if my own ideas about religion ie: that it's out of touch, old, irrelevant in today's society etc. are equally skewed. Maybe there is a way for religion to be just as valuable today - just in a different way.

Hmm, food for thought.

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