Monday, 16 May 2011

Give yourself the chance to fail.

Whoa! What?

I want you to fail at something - on purpose!?

That doesn’t make sense.

Actually, I’m not suggesting that you fail on purpose. I’m suggesting
that you try something that you’ll find really difficult. Something
that if you succeeded you’d really grow. Push yourself - hard! A bit
like yesterday’s guide of stepping outside of your comfort zone today
is about taking that to the nth degree.

So what will happen if you fail? You’ll be able to draw some
inspiration from the fact that you tried, maybe even came close.
Learnt what you might be able to do differently next time in order to
succeed. Realise that taking risks and raising your head above the
parapit drives you forward. If you only attempt things that you’re
pretty sure you can achieve how will you experience something

Going for it when others are afraid to or tell you you’re not able
enhances your living experience, it will get your adrenalin pumping
and it will put a smile on your face - once the grimace has worn off.

The world’s leading marketers have a term for failure - they call it
testing! So go and test.

But what if you succeed? Then wow! No more needs to be said.



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  1. Couldn't agree more Stu! Too long I have succumb to fears ominous grasp. The way I look at it is I may fail, but what if I don't. I don't think there will ever be a situation where I can live with not knowing.

    So as scary and fearful as something may be, the excitement lies in the action of doing, not the trepidation of failure.

    Feel the fear and do it anyway!


  2. Great advice in original and authentic language to help me overcome my fear of failure and my fear of success, Thanks