Friday, 5 November 2010

Know when to give up.


Yeah, I know - you're not supposed to give up!

Winston Churchill once said, whilst giving advice to a hall full of University graduates:
"Never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever Give up!"

I think he was trying to say 'keep moving' - keep trying, keep working towards your dreams and goals.
But, at some point we all try things and then find either we don't really want to do that or we find that it's not as rewarding as we first thought. At this point we can decide 'well, I have to keep at it cos I'm not supposed to give up' OR 'OK, that didn't work, what else can I try?'

There is a difference.

We've all heard the saying: "There's no use flogging a dead horse!"
And trying to continue with something that simply isn't working for you or is not rewarding enough for you to keep on with is 'flogging that dead horse'.

Allow yourself to understand the difference - you'll feel it. When you wake up one day and say to yourself "I'm fed up trying this route." - go look for another route.

Whatever you do - keep moving, even if you trip or stumble you'll still be moving forward.

That to me is Not Giving Up.

What do you think?

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