Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Get Happy In The Now


We've all been on a journey right?
I bet we've all had those journeys that drag on longer than they should. Either the train is late or the plane is delayed or when you get where you're going and you grab a taxi - there's terrible traffic. Frustrating isn't it?

Have you ever set off on a journey expecting those kind of challenges in advance because, hey that always happens to you!

It happens to me. Rushing around trying to get from A to B to get everything done that day.

Funny thing though, when I go on holiday that all changes. I look forward to the journey. I take some good books on holiday so everytime there's a delay of some kind I say to myself: "Great, I can read a bit more of my book."


Not at all, I see the journey as 'part' of the holiday so I enjoy it. As soon as I set off from my home I'm in holiday mode. Last year me and my other half went to Kefalonia - 3 hour flight. Took us 22 hours to get there including flying to an airport on a military base on the mainland, then taking a 2 hour coach journey to the coast, then a 1 hour wait for the ferry, a 2 hour ferry journey, a 1 hour wait for the next coach, then an hour and half coach journey to the final destination.

As tiring as it was it actually turned out to be a great part of the holiday. We read a lot, we met a lot of new people (amazing how easy it is to connect with people going through the same challenge), and we saw other parts of Greece we wouldn't have with a straightforward journey.

What's the point?

Life is our biggest, longest journey. Take the time to enjoy the journey rather than just being concerned with the destination.

Enjoy the journey.

for now

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