Friday, 4 November 2011

Is Profit King?

Hi there,

Just had a conversation with my other half over a morning cuppa
about banks and the profits they make. She was saying that their
sales targets for selling bogus products to their clients were

I argued that selling per se was completely fine - it's when the
products or services being sold were of no real benefit to the client
that it becomes immoral.

Salespeople up and down the country have targets they need to meet
'or else' and some of those targets are unrealistic as no market can grow
ad infinitum. Therefore it's the manager's responsibility to investigate
new markets for when existing ones are saturated or depleted.

It became apparent as the conversation went on that profit really is King
as without it none of us has a job - it's when profit becomes an oppressive
dictator that we need to have an overhaul.

The defining factor is whether sales are being truly and authentically serving
with respect to the buyer. If the sale only really benefits the company selling
then mis-selling is taking place.

What do you think?

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