Monday, 11 April 2011

Celebrate today - celebrate anything, just celebrate!

Hi there,

We celebrate birthdays and religious holidays and anniversaries and
special days throughout the year, but then slip back in to our
everyday lives 99% of the time. When I was a kid I used to think it
would be great to have Christmas every day - why not? It was fun and
everybody was in a good mood. Obviously, I didn’t realise that what
makes Christmas ‘special’ is that it only happens once a year.
However, there’s nothing to stop us celebrating something else on the
other days. How about - it’s just great to be alive!
I’m not saying celebrate something every day (unless you want to), I’m
saying celebrate ‘any’ day. Just choose something to celebrate because
it’ll lift your mood, or reconnect you with friends, or cheer someone
else up. Here’s a few examples:

Happy Graduation Anniversary
Share A Cuppa Day
Cakes Have No Calories Day
I’ve Completed That Task I’ve Been Doing For Ages Day
A Hot Guy/Girl Smiled At Me Day
It’s Only Two Weeks To My Holiday Day

You get the idea. Have fun with it, then anytime you feel like you
need a special day just create one. :)

for now

Be Inspired


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  1. Ha! I love your celebration ideas. "Cakes have no calories day." - Nice.

    You are 100% percent right though. We look forward to celebrations, but then slip back to our routines and everyday lifestyles for the rest of the time. And the rest of the time, is the majority of our time.

    I think embracing the idea of celebrating more is the perfect way to boost our happiness and enjoyment.

    Today: Celebrate the Fact of Celebrating Random Days Day


  2. Nice one Chris - that's exactly the idea. Cheers Stu