Sunday, 29 August 2010

The Power of Touch


I had a 'No Hands' massage yesterday, my first massage for about a year!

I would recommend it to anyone purely and simply as a treat to yourself. I used to go when I had an ache or pain somewhere but really it's such a lovely experience I could go all the time. From time to time me and Em will give each other a massage at home and that's really nice and relaxing, but more often than not the bed gets put away in the garage and it's a pain in the neck to get it out, set it up, put the dogs to bed etc. etc.

The lady I saw is called Jane Craddock - her website is listed at the foot here if you're interested, and we had a really interesting chat before and after the massage. It's unlike any other massage I've experienced and thoroughly relaxing. I took away a leaflet which explained in more detail the therapeutic aspect of massage and touch in general. It hypothesised that since we spent the first 9 months of our life in a constant state of being massaged by our mother's body, we crave touch for the rest of our lives.

It becomes so obvious when it's pointed out doesn't it. The first thing we do when we greet someone we know and love is hug them, especially if you haven't seen them for a while. Children (and parents) are comforted by being cuddled all snug and warm. We love to nestle in our partner's arms on the couch and if you have pet mammals you'll find they also crave touch. Think about when you are having an argument with someone, you might find yourself crossing your arms - effectively saying 'I won't touch you now because I'm upset with you.' We shirk the hug of our partner if we are still angry at them thereby withholding our 'touch'.

Think about this for a while and you recognise a multitude of behaviours that all revolve around giving or withholding touch in some way or another.

My challenge to myself and to anyone else interested is to refrain from withholding touch, hug even when angry, even if your pride is saying 'close up' - instead 'open up'. It will make you feel better - guaranteed!

In the meantime treat yourself to a massage and if you're able, treat someone else to a massage - it could be the most therapeutic thing that's happened to them this year!

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