Saturday, 24 July 2010

Why Weight Loss Diets Don’t Work!

99% Of Weight Loss Diets Concentrate On Totally
The Wrong Thing And That’s Why They Don’t Work
For The Majority Of People - Do You Know What It Is?

If you’ve ever been on a diet you’ll be familiar with the following:

Calorie counting
Visiting online forums
Joining weight loss classes and support groups
Measuring your waistline daily
Weighing yourself obsessively
Checking your BMI (and getting confused!)

The list could go on and on, but one thing is for sure - it didn’t
last did it? Yeah you may have lost a few pounds, maybe even a couple
of stone but sure as night follows day you put most if not all of it
back on.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of things in the list that
will definitely help you shed pounds, but the reason none of it lasts
is because something is out of whack.

Let’s take a look at some ‘simple’ psychology, ask yourself this question:
When was the last time you wanted to lose something?
Did you answer it? I mean it doesn’t make sense does it? Do you want
to lose your job? Do you want to lose your wallet or purse? Do you
want to lose your friends or your house or your mobile phone or even
your way? No. You don’t like to ‘lose’ stuff - period!

We are programmed to ‘Get’ stuff.
Get a new car, Get a wonderful partner, Get married, Get a great job,
Get a million dollars etc.
So what?
So, maybe this whole ‘losing’ weight concept is backwards, maybe
concentrating on ‘losing’’ weight just goes against the grain, against
the programming. Instead, maybe we should be focusing on ‘Getting’
fitter, Getting healthier, Getting a better shape, Getting happier,
Getting ourselves down the gym or in the pool or on the sidewalk
jogging or even walking - releasing those endorphins, allowing the
serotonin to flood out so we can get a better feeling about ourselves.

Here’s my challenge to all those out there unhappy with their weight
or shape - try refocusing on the positive ‘Getting’ and drop the
negative idea of weight ‘loss’. Try it and see.

Start Eating, Start living and Start Getting what you want in this life!

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