Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The I + A factor.


Uh oh another equation!

It's no biggie so just stay with me for a minute.
We've all heard of, read, listened to or watched The Secret right?
If you haven't then you must be living in a cave somewhere.

And personally I think it was a great start point for a lot
of people - teaching take responsibility for your own life
and take responsibility for how you react to experiences
in your life etc. etc.

But the whole 'change your thoughts and your life will
magically be transformed' thing needs some updating.
There's no shortage of teachers, life coaches and gurus out
there saying the same thing - you have to take action!

So I'm wondering how many people out there are just 'thinking'
about ways to improve their finances, job, relationship etc.
but not actually 'doing' anything about it.

Seems pretty obvious right? That's because it is. But we're all guilty
in one way or another of trying to change something about our lives
whilst remaining firmly sat on our arses.

So, just take a mo to ask yourself if there's any part of your life
where you can implement the I + A factor:

Information + Application (or Action)

Apply one thing today whether it's meditating for half an hour
or getting your bike out of the garage and going for a ride or
calling that cousin you haven't heard from in 5 years or updating
your CV or applying for a course to learn something new.

Good luck

Be Inspired

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  1. I think the media is guilty of telling us that unless we're an A-list celeb with a perfect life (of which there is no such thing of course), we're already a failure in so many ways. I don't think it helps us, or more particularly the current teen generation, to see the overnight success and instant gratification that is awarded on tv talent programmes as the norm for achieving our full potential. It does nothing to encourage the sense of satisfaction that comes with hard graft, slow but steady progress and the immense pride that comes with making small changes, over a period of time, for the greater good (whether our own or others).....because it's not instant, it's deemed as too much effort or simply unachieveable. This, I think, is a significant stumbling block on the road to succeeding in any life changes or improvements we choose to make. We all need a session or two with Paul McKenna to re-programme our way of thinking and remember that we have the ability and strength to ignore those who say 'you can't' and begin thinking once again 'I can'.

  2. I have been inspired! Today, i will shave my legs! lol! I also bought some stuff from the body shop to make myself feel better about my skin etc. so go me lol! <3 xx

  3. So Cath what are you applying right now?

    And Hannah - it's a step in the right direction! :)